For anybody who is considering a career in the legal field, online paralegal schools may be the way to go to get started in the criminal justice field of work. Most online paralegal colleges offer flexibility in the courses allowing the students to still work full time or still be able to stay home with their family. Not all of these online schools are the same though. There are certain aspects that a potential student needs to look at before he chooses an online education. Here is a quick guide on the best online paralegal schools. National Paralegal College (NPC) […]

Informed consent is a process by which a physician or scientific researcher is required to advise each patient not only of the patient’s rights, but also of the risks and benefits of any procedure, treatment, or research study. Although the concept of informed consent seems straightforward, its application varies from place to place. As a result, the informed consent process has gradually been reduced to a legal formality that does not truly serve the interests of patients or research subjects. Ethicists Review Informed Consent Policy vs. Practice During the 1970s, ethicists in the United States began to examine the practice […]

The debate over Proposition 8 has been a heated one in the state of California. The proposition stems from a May 2008 California State Supreme Court decision that made it legal for the state to begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. That 2008 State Supreme Court decision overruled Proposition 22, which was passed in 2000 with 61 of the vote and was designed to limit marriage in California to the union between a man and a woman. After the court overturned Proposition 22, Proposition 8 was filed in order to restore the ban on gay marriage and to halt […]

All those who complete online paralegal training hope to gain the best employment opportunities available. Among the best ways to do so is knowing exactly what to specialize in and what industries to enter. Doing so will help in increasing the chances of securing gainful employment or being qualified for the highest possible wages. Industries That Employ the Highest Number of Offline or Online Paralegal Training Graduates When looking to enter industries with the highest demand for legal assistants, the top five to consider are: Legal Services Federal Executive Branch Management of Companies and Enterprises Insurance Carriers Employment Services The […]

One of the almost forgotten issues in the 2008 presidential campaign has been the opportunity the winner will have to name new Supreme Court justices. Five of the nine justices will be 70 years old or older when the 44th president takes office in January 2009. Both parties were certainly aware of the potential for appointing Supreme Court justices in the next four years, but the issue was mostly lost in the lengthy debates over experience, the Iraq War, the bank and credit crisis and the candidates’ previous affiliations. Age and health are two of the factors which will determine […]

He and his staff are looking into the Sherman Antitrust Act to determine if a conspiracy exists to keep non-BCS teams like the University of Utah out of the championship game. The Utes, which beat the Alabama Crimson Tide 31-17 in the Sugar Bowl on Jan. 2, was the only undefeated team in the 2008 football season. Utah finished the season in the No. 2 position, according to the AP Poll, receiving 16 votes. Florida received 48. The poll was Utah’s final chance to receive the top recognition they felt they deserved. Utah’s Argument Shurtleff and many of the Utes’ […]

Thanks to the surge in urban exploration websites and the communities that they create, it has become an increasingly popular hobby and has seen growing coverage in the press. What is Urban Exploration? Also know as ‘urban caving’, ‘urban hacking’ and ‘infiltration’, it is entirely what it sounds like; people gain access into areas or buildings normally inaccessible to the public, with the sole intention of taking a look around. Favorite locations include disused warehouses, industrial sites and railway stations, How did it start? Dedicated website features a timeline of notable Urban Exploration (often shorted to Urbex) events however […]

While Pit Bulls and the bully type breeds are the most common to be targeted, BSL legislation in some states and municipalities also ban Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Dobermans, Chows, Akitas, or other large dogs perceived as dangerous, vicious or aggressive. Why BSL is not Acceptable Dogs are as individual and unique as the human species. Their temperaments and dispositions are a combination of breeding and bloodlines, reproductive status (whether they’ve been spayed or neutered), early socialization, and training. Irresponsible, uneducated owners who have failed to spay/neuter or socialize their dogs at an early age are generally the cause of vicious […]

Much has been written and discussed about women leadership and advancement. It is still a fact that women advance more slowly than their male counterparts because men are more likely than women to ask for prestigious opportunities that will raise their visibility. Women’s economic and intellectual power is significant. According to the Census Bureau women in the U.S. will outnumber men during the first half of the century from 5.3 million in 2000 to 6.9 million in 2050. Women’s earning and investment power is substantial. Studies have shown time and time again that organizations that know how to leverage women […]

Not everyone is cut out to be a lawyer or a judge, nor does everyone have the financial background to obtain adequate and appropriate schooling. Yet many are still fascinated and want to work in a legal or law environment. Consider these alternatives that won’t break the bank on required education or background. Bailiff Historically, bailiffs were sent out to collect debts owed to the king or government. Nowadays, certain bailiffs still do official collection, but there’s also the court room side of being a bailiff. It is the bailiff’s responsibility to keep order and decorum in the courts at […]