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For anybody who is considering a career in the legal field, online paralegal schools may be the way to go to get started in the criminal justice field of work. Most online paralegal colleges offer flexibility in the courses allowing the students to still work full time or still be able to stay home with their family.

Not all of these online schools are the same though. There are certain aspects that a potential student needs to look at before he chooses an online education. Here is a quick guide on the best online paralegal schools.

National Paralegal College (NPC)

National Paralegal College is a national accredited online school that strictly focuses on paralegal studies. They have a few different options that students can choose from depending on how much time students want to put into their education and what type of future career is wanted. The paralegal certificate program is only 7 months long, while the associate’s degree is 15 months long. If students want to further their online education, a paralegal bachelor’s degree can be obtained in under 3 years from this online school.

Students at NPC can attend live online lectures as well as have full access to the virtual classroom. They have direct contact with attorneys who are instructors at the online paralegal school as well as interaction with their fellow students for help or study partners along the way. Since NPC solely focuses on paralegal programs a student can be sure that the administrators and instructors are focused on the criminal justice industry and are competent in this area of study.

American Institute for Paralegal Studies (AIPS)

The American Institute for Paralegal Studies is another online school that solely focuses on paralegal courses and programs. The online format that this school offers is one of the utmost convenience to students. They can log in when they want and take the courses at their own pace.

Licensed attorneys and paralegals are the instructors at AIPS. They are available for one-on-one contact to answer any questions a student may have during the course of the program. Another benefit of attending this online institution is that they limit the classrooms to 15 people which means there is more individual attention for each of the students. AIPS also offers a paralegal preparation program that readies a student to take the Paralegal Advanced Competency Exam (PACE) and the Certified Legal Assistant (CLA). Best of all they also offer job placement assistance when a person completes the online courses.

Kaplan University

The Kaplan University School of Legal Studies offers a few different paralegal courses that students can take. They can pursue a paralegal certificate or an associate’s degree in the same field. With Kaplan University students can study and learn when it is convenient for them. They also offer a wide variety of online resources and direct contact with the instructors and administrators of the paralegal programs.

Kaplan University has been around for quite some time. According to the college’s website, the university was founded in 1937 and was first known as the American Institute of Commerce before being bought by Kaplan, Inc. Since they are a larger online school and are well-known, they have more of a selection of qualified instructors that they are able to hire for the paralegal courses, which is a definite benefit for the students.

Anybody who is looking for online paralegals schools should definitely start with these three schools. They are a great starting point for comparing online schools and deciding what school is the best for that person. There are two online scools, NPC and AIPS, which focus just on paralegal studies and then there is the other option of a larger institution with Kaplan University, which has a wide range of courses and online degrees. There are definitely certain aspects of each online school that will appeal to different people, which is why a potential student may want to research all three of the online paralegal schools before taking the plunge with the program.

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