By the end of 2007, the Canada Border Services Agency reported that 41,000 illegal immigrants for whom removal warrants were sworn were classified as “whereabouts unknown.” That compared with 22,000 the Agency could put their hands on. Canada Loses Illegals In a recent much-publicized crackdown called Operation Hide and Seek, Canadian authorities targeted locating 45 of 2000 high priority illegals, many with known criminal ties or suspected war criminal backgrounds. The authorities didn’t capture any but did confirm that 21 had left the country, 13 of them probably to the U.S. On that basis authorities extrapolated the figure and proclaimed […]

Street and prison gangs are violent criminal organizations. In recent years the relationship between illegal immigration and gangs has become painfully clear. Illegal immigration provides a steady stream of new recruits for the various street gangs while providing the drug cartels with a method to transport drugs into the United States. The violent crime along with the human misery suffered by Americans and illegal immigrants from these violent organizations should be reason enough for stronger enforcement of immigration laws. Illegal Immigration Problems In the first quarter of 2009 there were an estimated 10.8 million illegal immigrants in the United States. […]