On August 15, 2010, the final portion of the Child Passenger Protection Act comes into force in New York State. When the legislation becomes effective, New York will have one of the toughest sets of laws on drunk driving in the United States. While this part of the law has nothing to do with the protection of children, beginning August 15, all drivers who are convicted of DWI will be required to install ignition interlock systems in their vehicles if they wish to continue to drive. The systems must be installed regardless of whether or not the person is convicted […]

Liability auto insurance is a type of car insurance coverage that outlines a driver’s potential financial responsibility. This is required in most states, and it ensures that if someone causes damage to another’s person or property, the at-fault party will be responsible, and premiums for liability insurance pay for this coverage. Below is some information on mandatory liability insurance, and on how to protect against those who drive without it. Why is Liability Insurance Required for Legal Driving? Liability insurance is required in almost all states so that anyone who suffers any kind of damage because of another’s driving is […]