In a contentious divorce, there is sometimes a race to get papers served. Each spouse may want to serve first, in order to establish the divorce jurisdiction or to be the first to claim fault in the divorce. In cases where each spouse lives in a different state, serving the divorce papers has unique challenges, since you need to make sure that you serve the papers correctly according to the legal document service laws of both your home state and the other state. Agent for Service of Process An agent for service of process, or a process server, is someone […]

The ruling from the Register of Copyrights implies that iPhone jailbreaking is not a violation of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act copyright laws. As such iPhone (and any mobile phone regardless of manufacturer) jailbreaking by a particular user cannot be subjected to litigation from phone manufacturers. The Definition of iPad Jailbreaking Phone Jailbreaking, primary a symptom of the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod product lines allows a user to run unauthorized by Apple third party products on the above devices. By a process of unlocking the operating system of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod set of products, a consumer can […]