The Supreme Court has refused to hear a copyright appeal by Clare Milne, the grand-daughter of Winnie the Pooh creator A.A. Milne. Clare was attempting to regain control of one of the most lucrative literary franchises in history. A.A. Milne wrote the original Winnie the Pooh stories between 1924 and 1928. The name was inspired by Winnipeg Bear, a former mascot of the 34th Fort Garry Horse, a Canadian cavalry regiment. The regiment had donated the bear to the London Zoo during World War I. In 1930, Milne granted a license to Stephen Slesinger, who promptly created Stephen Slesinger Inc. […]

Interpreting the Eighth Amendment ban on cruel and unusual punished under the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on May 17, 2010 that locking up a juvenile youth under the age of 18 years for life, without parole, is punishment that is unconstitutionally “cruel and unusual.” An exception, however, may exist in cases involving a juvenile who commits a killing of another without a legal justification or excuse. Florida’s Juvenile Justice System Leads in Need for Rehabilitation Under the Supreme Court’s ruling, Florida’s industrial prison complex system must release 77 people who committed non-homicide crimes as juveniles and were […]

At thirty-three years old, Hugh Henry Breckenridge arrived at the junction of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers. Breckenridge hoped that he would have greater success in Pittsburgh than he did in Philadelphia. Early Life of Hugh Henry Brackenridge In 1763, Hugh Henry Brackenridge is brought to Pennsylvania from Scotland. He is raised in York County not far from the Maryland border. After being educated in the Normal School and at the age of sixteen he went on to attend the University of New Jersery, which later became Princeton University. At Princeton, Brackenridge befriended Philip Freneau who he co-wrote “The Raising […]

Donating to a non-profit seems like a great idea and it almost always it. But sometimes, conflicts of interest can make donations unethical… or even illegal. The best way to avoid this from happening is to keep these charitable donation guidelines in mind and steer clear of potential conflicts of interest. The IRS in particular is always on the lookout for donation deductions used as tax-shelter strategies. This type of activity can not only have nasty repercussions for you as a tax-payer. It can also put the non-profit’s tax-exempt status at risk – and hurt both your reputation and the […]

Only a handful of states and the District of Columbia allow marriage equality. In each, the decision for legalizing gay marriage has been extremely controversial, pitting gay and lesbian families and grassroots advocacy groups against well-funded conservative organizations and religious leaders. Some states have legalized same-sex marriage through the legislative process, while in other states the high court has ruled in favor of legalizing gay marriage. Voters in two states, Maine and California, overturned legal and legislative decisions (respectively) allowing same-sex marriage. In fact, in every state where same-sex marriage was put to a popular vote, citizens ruled against it. […]

Does somebody owe you money? Perhaps you loaned somebody some money, but they failed to repay you. Did you hire a contractor to do some work for you on your home, only to find that they did not only do a poor job but never held the qualifications to do this work in the first place? Did you purchase a vehicle from a dealer that was allegedly certified and safe to drive, only for you to learn on your first drive home that your engine is failing? These are all common legal issues people in Ontario encounter every day that […]

Law school exams are among the most nerve-wracking parts of the entire law school semester. Yet exams do much more than merely determine a student’s grade. They also prepare students for litigation. Like litigation, a law school exam requires students to memorize a great deal of information quickly, then be able to sort through that information and provide a clear, concise, and thorough answer in a short amount of time. Students who prepare thoroughly for law school exams also learn how to prepare thoroughly for hearings, trial, and appeal. Here, then, are six tips for preparing for law school exams […]

In a contentious divorce, there is sometimes a race to get papers served. Each spouse may want to serve first, in order to establish the divorce jurisdiction or to be the first to claim fault in the divorce. In cases where each spouse lives in a different state, serving the divorce papers has unique challenges, since you need to make sure that you serve the papers correctly according to the legal document service laws of both your home state and the other state. Agent for Service of Process An agent for service of process, or a process server, is someone […]

The tax-cut bill passed by Congress was signed into law by President Obama and moved closer to the center versus being far left or far right. This tax-cut measure is really a second stimulus package wearing the disguise of a tax-cut. An article in Yahoo Finance wirten by Mary Beth Franklin on December 17, 2010 with the title of Tax Deal What’s In It For You, pegs the size of this stimulus package at $850 billion. Billions of dollars are going into the hands of Americans that will spend the money because they need the basics of life. The unemployment […]

His job is to issue warrants for war criminals around the world, independent of national limitations. It’s a risky business on many levels and opinion is divided on whether the court should even exist. Documentarian Barry Stevens followed Moreno-Ocampo for a year, as he pursued the President of Sudan, a sitting head of state, for war crimes. Moreno-Ocampo argues his warrant at the United Nations, opens a trial in the Congo against war criminal Thomas Lubanga and oversees the removal of child warriors from their Congolese captors. He’s a controversial figure; some critics claim court justice is sovereignty and threatens […]