For anybody who is considering a career in the legal field, online paralegal schools may be the way to go to get started in the criminal justice field of work. Most online paralegal colleges offer flexibility in the courses allowing the students to still work full time or still be able to stay home with their family. Not all of these online schools are the same though. There are certain aspects that a potential student needs to look at before he chooses an online education. Here is a quick guide on the best online paralegal schools. National Paralegal College (NPC) […]

Law school exams are among the most nerve-wracking parts of the entire law school semester. Yet exams do much more than merely determine a student’s grade. They also prepare students for litigation. Like litigation, a law school exam requires students to memorize a great deal of information quickly, then be able to sort through that information and provide a clear, concise, and thorough answer in a short amount of time. Students who prepare thoroughly for law school exams also learn how to prepare thoroughly for hearings, trial, and appeal. Here, then, are six tips for preparing for law school exams […]

Prepping for law school is a daunting task. Transcripts, letters of recommendation, and preparing a writing sample all take time, and this is not even considering the applications themselves or prepping for the LSAT (law school admissions test). The difficulty in completing these tasks is often compounded by work demands and family demands that are non-negotiable. Alas, there are ways to streamline the process. Below are some ways to cut some time of the law school application process. Narrow Down the List of Schools You Want to Attend Resist the temptation to apply to every ABA-approved law school out there. […]

Governor Rod Blagojevich Democrat, has been making top headlines with his arrest on corruption charges including pay-for-play and allegedly attempting to sell the U.S. Senate seat vacated by President Barack Obama. Blagojevich is not the first Illinois governor to land in legal hot water. Of the past eight Illinois governors, three of them were convicted and did time in federal prison for criminal activity. Illinois governors who have served time in prison include George Ryan, Daniel Walker and Otto Kerner, Jr. George Homer Ryan George Homer Ryan, Republican, was the governor of Illinois from 1999 and 2003. Sandal during his […]

How to get into a top law school? That is the question on every pre-law students mind. Everyone wants to know the secret into getting into a top law school. However, there is no big secret. The way to gain admittance into a highly ranked law school is based upon a number of factors. The LSAT Score of the applicant, GPA, Personal Statement, Letters of Recommendation and Extra Curriculars. Law School Rankings Most students use the USNews rankings to see which schools are ranked as tier 1. The very best law schools are usually referred to as the T14, or […]