Thanks to the surge in urban exploration websites and the communities that they create, it has become an increasingly popular hobby and has seen growing coverage in the press. What is Urban Exploration? Also know as ‘urban caving’, ‘urban hacking’ and ‘infiltration’, it is entirely what it sounds like; people gain access into areas or buildings normally inaccessible to the public, with the sole intention of taking a look around. Favorite locations include disused warehouses, industrial sites and railway stations, How did it start? Dedicated website features a timeline of notable Urban Exploration (often shorted to Urbex) events however […]

Like medical malpractice insurance for health care professionals, legal malpractice insurance protects attorneys and other legal professionals from facing empty-handed the costs associated with a lawsuit or judgment of negligence. When a client sues for legal malpractice, he or she is claiming that the attorney acted negligently or carelessly. Specifically, a legal malpractice suit claims that the attorney failed to act with the same reasonable level of professional skill as the average attorney in the community. A legal malpractice suit also claims that the attorney’s alleged negligence harmed the client in some way and will ask for money or other […]