All those who complete online paralegal training hope to gain the best employment opportunities available. Among the best ways to do so is knowing exactly what to specialize in and what industries to enter. Doing so will help in increasing the chances of securing gainful employment or being qualified for the highest possible wages. Industries That Employ the Highest Number of Offline or Online Paralegal Training Graduates When looking to enter industries with the highest demand for legal assistants, the top five to consider are: Legal Services Federal Executive Branch Management of Companies and Enterprises Insurance Carriers Employment Services The […]

A paralegal is basically a legal assistant. Paralegals have many different job descriptions depending on the practice and the legal specialty, but most paralegal work involves legal research on some level, and almost have at least some formal paralegal training and have college degrees. Experienced paralegals can easily earn over $60,000, but some paralegal jobs can start as low as $25,000. The Work of a Paralegal Paralegals perform many different tasks at law practices and courthouses. Before the age of the Internet and easy access to legal databases, paralegals would often spend long hours in law libraries or courthouses researching […]