One of the almost forgotten issues in the 2008 presidential campaign has been the opportunity the winner will have to name new Supreme Court justices. Five of the nine justices will be 70 years old or older when the 44th president takes office in January 2009. Both parties were certainly aware of the potential for appointing Supreme Court justices in the next four years, but the issue was mostly lost in the lengthy debates over experience, the Iraq War, the bank and credit crisis and the candidates’ previous affiliations. Age and health are two of the factors which will determine […]

Only a handful of states and the District of Columbia allow marriage equality. In each, the decision for legalizing gay marriage has been extremely controversial, pitting gay and lesbian families and grassroots advocacy groups against well-funded conservative organizations and religious leaders. Some states have legalized same-sex marriage through the legislative process, while in other states the high court has ruled in favor of legalizing gay marriage. Voters in two states, Maine and California, overturned legal and legislative decisions (respectively) allowing same-sex marriage. In fact, in every state where same-sex marriage was put to a popular vote, citizens ruled against it. […]